Molly Simpson.

Licensed Massage Therapist.


As a massage therapist of eight years, my affinity for logic, thorough exploration, and task-oriented progression toward a goal have have grounded my intuition and love of the delicious, small details. My years in luxury spas where I mastered seamless flow and relaxation have been complemented by the technical knowledge and application of clinical work, yielding a blend of bodywork that is structurally-oriented, inquisitive, experimental, and relaxing. Having graduated with a bachelor’s in Somatic Psychology, I believe very deeply that part of living healthily in our bodies is to acknowledge them as more than just vehicles for our brains; that treating the whole is sometimes just as, if not more, important than focusing exclusively on the area that is symptomatic. This balance between the analytical and intuitive has been an invaluable asset in my practice as a massage therapist.

My areas of specialization include:

  • Injury treatment and “deep tissue,” particularly in the glutes, low back, and anterior neck

  • Pre- and perinatal massage

  • Relaxation, including hot stone, body brushing, scrubs and wraps, and floating water massage

At home, I strike a similar balance between my homebody nature and love of new experiences. I adore curling up with a good—or even mediocre—book and a nip of amaro, taking our rescue pup Nym on adventures through the nooks and crannies of Queen Anne, exploring new cultures and countries with my husband, and dancing in as many styles as possible.


Nym (short for Nymeria) in Queen Anne.


P.S. Wondering about the “mod” in mod bodywork? My siblings had a colorful range of speech impediments as children, so “Molly” morphed into “Modday,” which was eventually shortened to “Mod.” My family and close friends still call me Mod—welcome to the fam.